Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Getting Back Into Shape

I just looked at my title and groaned out loud.  I wonder how many others do the same.  We don't get out of shape over night but we want instant results, or at least I do!  I used to run five miles a day with barely out of breath and hardly a sweat.  It's been a while.  Now at the end of walking three miles, my legs feel like rubber and I'm gasping for air.  I am so out of shape.  I also used to fit a size 4 jeans and a size 6 dress perfectly - that too has been a while.  While I no longer care about the size so much, I do care about how my body feels.  Just because I'm in my sixties now doesn't mean I should have to feel or look like it so I have decided it's time to get back into shape.  The weights have come out, I'm going to the park and walking and I've bought a fitbit to keep up with my activities,  I've pulled out the recipe box and gone through the recipes that I used to enjoy that are heart healthy and something I can make and either freeze or hold up well stored in the frig for the week while I work for lunches.

My goal is to lose 10 pounds by August and to be able to walk 5 miles a day without any issues, to be able to work with 3 and 5 pound weights three times a week and to take 3 inches off my waist and belly.  Tone up my hips and thighs along with the arms, shoulders and back.  I want my energy back.

I'll be posting at least weekly on my progress and adding recipes that I make as well.  When I find exercises that I find helpful, I'll post either the links or the videos of those too.  Maybe this will motivate others to join me.  I can always use buddies that encourage and work with me.

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  1. It was pretty close to this posting that I came down with Shingles so all that effort went out of the window and my 5 miles and 10 pounds, although still my ambition, has not been accomplished yet. I'm back to walking but it has to be early in the morning ... coffee ... walking ... decisions decisions ... coffee has to come first ... so walking comes after the coffee and after I read the news and it's usually around 10am and it's basically hot by then. 5,000 steps and the heat wins. I have been using the bicycle for 30 minutes as well. I have lost 3 pounds of the 10 pounds now.