Monday, April 17, 2017

Morning Ramblings on a Rainy Day

It's raining again today.  Such a blessing and a curse.  We need it but it seems to get in the way of my plans (lol). I've been busy helping my son get his rental property ready to rent again.  Painting is one of those things I enjoy doing and something he and his dad have very little patience for.  We've just about completed the wall color and then I'll go back and touch up the trim.  Then all we'll have left is the clean up.  He should have it ready to rent by the first of the month.  He's having a new roof put on while it's empty and a new privacy fence put in.  That way he doesn't have to inconvenience the tenants.   This was his first home so this one is a little personal to him and he takes it harder when they do damage to it.

Gary and I have been doing our walking in the evenings.  It has been hit and miss depending on the weather.  Mostly it's been 2 1/2 to 3 miles at one of the local parks.  I'm trying to stay with it but boy has it been hard not to talk myself out of it.  I know I need the exercise but some days after working on Rob's house all day I really don't want to do it!  I try to work with my weights while I watch TV a few nights a week.  Hopefully all of this will pay off and I'll start to see results soon.  I'm one of those awful people that want instant results and hate the wait and see kind.  Neither of us are really over weight, I'm maybe 10 pounds from where I was when I graduated from high school and he's maybe 20 pounds from where he wants to be. (He was way under weight when he graduated from high school) so it's not all that much that we need to lose and we eat fairly healthy, mostly we have just gotten into the habit of eating out with friends more the last few years and that's really where the added weight has come from..

Rachel and Phoenix will be here around the middle of June for two weeks and we're looking so forward to that!  I can't wait to see them.  I'm trying really hard not to over plan for their trip this time since I have a tendency to do that each time they come and they leave more exhausted than they come.  This time I want them to relax and enjoy the visit.  Although I am thinking that there are a few things that we might all enjoy doing while they are here LOL.   I've asked Rachel to bring some old clothes with her as I think I want her to help me paint my kitchen cabinets and help me redo my kitchen.  She has a great eye for color and with two of us we can knock it out in a few days.  But, I need to check on the Mystery Weekend in Guthery, OK and see if that's still happening.  I really think Phoenix would love that!  I need to call Gary's doctor in Phoenix, AZ and set up his appointment for August so we can get that trip planned and decide if we fly or drive there.  Also if we rent a condo or get a hotel room.

I need to set out my annuals in my flowerbeds (again it needs to stop raining for that) and I need to finish my house.  The bathroom upstairs in my biggest project to complete.  That has to be completed this year.  Little by little I'm getting things done but I keep avoiding that one project because I know it's a messy one.  But this year I will get it done!  I'll blog as I go.  There may be some tears along the way.  I'm really not very good with messes, they drive me crazy!

Well, that's all for today.  I need to hop in the shower and get over to the rental so I can put in a few hours to finish up the walls so I can move on to the trim.  Maybe when I have it completed I'll post pictures of his cute little rental property.  I love that little house!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. We had a set back when I got sick so I'm just now finishing it up. We should have everything finished by the end of this month.